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What is Lorca•Ai?

It is an online writing software that allows you to develop all the phases of your book, from the annotations of the first ideas, the synopsis, working with the characters and scenarios, saving all the documentation, writing notes, organising the content and exporting it to PDF or DOCX formats.

What makes us different?

We have a set of powerful tools that provide versatility when writing. In addition to including the options and formats of other popular editors such as Word, we have readability analysis, the most complete bilingual dictionary you can find, advanced grammar and style correction, text anomaly detection, toxification control and sentiment analysis. Our creative mode allows you to configure a unique environment per sheet, which allows you to recreate spaces according to the content you are writing at the moment.

Stories/Novels Characters, places and plot lines are some of the benefits that you can have at hand.
Emails Use the legibility plugins to achieve the greatest clarity and formality in your emails.
Research You can have access to more than 200M scientific literature and use it for your research projects.
Detoxify The toxicity analysis will help you avoid censorship in your social media posts.
Summarization You can summarize texts to obtain the essential or representative ideas.
Dictionary Get help from the best online bilingual dictionary to get meanings, synonyms and antonyms.
Translation You can translate your writings or other texts in the languages ​​that Lorca•Ai supports.
GPT-3 Text generation and rephrasing, using the GPT-3 API. Say goodbye to writer's block!
  • Stories/Novels
  • Articles/Essays
  • Advertising emails
  • Annotations
  • Blog posts
  • Thesis

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$3.99/ mo

Unlimited projects

Cloud background & Sync

Goals & Stats

Project Structure

Spell Check (basic), style & punctuation

Inline comments

Take notes (by structure)

Characters & Locations

Export to PDF & DOCX


$14.99/ mo

All include in BASIC plan

Spell check PRO

Words repeated in contents


Metadata extraction


Conceptual map


Collaboration writing

Detoxify text

Export to .LORCA

Creative Mode

Upload files


$49.99/ mo

All include in STANDARD plan


Compose by GPT-3


Semantic search (More than 200M Scientific docs)

Long documents summarization

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Distraction-free writing

Use Lorca•Ai's creative environments to unleash your imagination. With different soundscapes and backgrounds Lorca•Ai will help you get into the scene you are writing and make the most of your ideas.

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More than spelling and grammar

Notes between items help you save important ideas that come up during your work so you can return to them at the right time.
Dark mode
With the dark mode you can adapt the lighting level of the Lorca•Ai interface for a more comfortable writing.
Reading link
You can give third parties access to your texts by establishing privacy layers that will allow you to show only the parts you want.
Collaborative Writing
Invite collaborators to participate in your work, whether it is a co-author, your thesis tutor or an editor.
Inline comments
Comments between elements allow the author and his collaborators to comment on different sections of the text.
You to bookmark your favorite projects which will be automatically added to a separate menu for more direct access.
You no longer have to worry every moment about saving the progress of your project, Lorca•Ai does it automatically every second.
Allows you to know how understandable a text is for a certain group of readers and suggests modifications to your target audience.
Advanced search
Lorca•Ai integrates the new Kathe•Ai ​​context search engine, with which you can access more than 200 million scientific documents.

Loved by thousands

Read why so many writers, researchers, and novelists love Lorca•Ai.

Samir Karimo, writer & translator

Samir Karimo
Lorca•Ai is a new writing tool that allows you to write better not only literary texts but also these, it has Kathe•Ai, a tool that allows you to better target your audience, artificial intelligence allows rating classification and also it gives you spelling and grammar correction, grammar suggestions and translation.

Fran Márquez, writer

Fran Marquez
Time and your availability is a determining factor when you write. Before knowing Lorca•Ai, I did not have any powerful tool that would allow me to access my texts from any device. I tried several, but they were very basic. Since I started using Lorca•Ai, I discovered options that made my job easier that I had never considered before. Without a doubt, I recommend Lorca•Ai to users of any level, from amateurs to professional writers.

Paty Castaldi, writer & director of Winged

Winged editorial
Lorca•Ai, with its wide range of text editing tools, is excellent for modern writers. Anywhere, anytime, you can start writing without any problem, 100% recommended.

Cuauhtémoc Ponce, writer

Cuauhtémoc Ponce
Few programs I have liked as much as Lorca•Ai, a simple, easy to use program with all the tools a writer needs. They have really done a good job with this program. Besides, the correction dictionary is even more complete than Google's and Word's dictionary. Congratulations to those who made this tool possible, they did a good job.